In behalf of organization committee, We would like to welcome you to the Marrakesh Workshop on control, inverse problems and stabilization of infinite systems to be held at Cadi Ayyad University of Marrakesh. The theme and the courses offered by the workshop will carry on control, inverse problems and stabilization of linear and nonlinear partial differential equations. Specifically, various latest techniques   and their applications to concrete physical models will be presented; and  the interface between control and inverse problems will be discussed.
The organization of this  workshop is motivated by the potential and quality of research students and researchers in the field of control and stabilization of partial differential equations we have in the Maghreb countries, in particular in Morocco .
This workshop will essentially provide our North African and Moroccan students additional training in the topics selected by the workshop. Moreover, it is an opportunity to discuss potential research collaborations not only with our international colleagues but also among Maghrebian  young researchers.

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